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Reopening Church

Church buildings in Northern Ireland have been able to reopen for worship and meetings from 29 June. We celebrate this returned ability to gather again as an incredibly important part of church life. However this is a moment to consider carefully and creatively why and how, theologically and practically, we meet as the Church….

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Changing Church

An evolving resource designed to help you navigate the challenges and opportunities facing the church as we move forward from lockdown

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Faithfully Present

As the situation surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic develops, we are here to resource you, the Church.


Think Friday

Stay in the loop about Northern Ireland through our regular email, Think Friday.

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We love Jesus and want people to encounter Him.
We love the Church and want to help it thrive.
We love the public square and want to equip Christians to flourish in it.


We want to unite the church in Northern Ireland in this cultural moment through our work on Mission, Culture, Advocacy.

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