Reimagining Culture


Reimagining Culture


The gospel is Public Truth. The Church has a vital role to play in the Public Square. The gospel does not dangle in thin air, but takes root in each context. The gospel must interact with its cultural context – to challenge, contend with and find points of contact within culture. The Church stands at the interface of gospel and culture.

EA want to resource the Church to understand our rapidly changing culture. We want to equip and unite the Church take our place effectively to influence the conversations amidst our rapidly changing culture. We are here to support the Church to understand the cultural currents, to suggest a good news response and to provide a united voice and presence in the Public Square.


Changing Culture Video Series

Christians change culture. They confront the lies in our culture for what they are. They subvert, by offering a different story cutting across the dominant narrative. They re-create new horizons of possibility by inhabiting a story of hope.

We have created a video series exploring how we can live as those who change culture.



A brief biblical and pastoral introduction to understanding transgender in a changing culture

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