Think Friday: From the Bake off to Westminster to your kitchen table

This week the Great British Bake Off returned to our tv screens, a new report was launched at Westminster highlighting the contribution of church and faith groups in local communities and new restrictions mean we can no longer have people round for dinner…

You can read more about MP Danny Kruger’s report Levelling up our communities: Proposals for a new social covenant here. The Evangelical Alliance contributed to the report and we’re encouraging you to send a copy of it to your local MLA to make them aware of it and ask them to consider commissioning a similar report here in Northern Ireland.

This day-to-day investment in the life of our local communities is vital and with more demand and less resource there will be both great challenges and opportunities for us as Churches.

With the new restrictions we are back in the situation again where we can no longer offer our homes as places of hospitality in the ways we usually would so what one creative act will you choose to show hospitality to your neighbours, family or friends this weekend?

Finally our Graduate Scheme closes next week on 1 October so there is still time to pray and consider applying for the two positions based in Northern Ireland: 1. NI team Researcher and 2. Being Human Project researcher.

Blessings from the NI team

David SmythComment