Think Friday: Weddings, baptisms and funerals

Changes have been announced today which permit indoor weddings and baptisms in Church buildings. This is good news!

These services are subject to the general advice already issued by the Executive about the reopening of Church buildings on social distancing and safety measures.

Within the last week, similar changes have also been made around funerals, removing the maximum number of people allowed to gather in Church buildings however a maximum number of thirty people remains on those gathering outside for the committal or at the front of the crematorium. You can read more specifically about these updated changes to funerals here.

Weddings, baptisms and funerals - These are touchstone moments in the lives of our churches and wider communities where we stand together in grief or celebration. Don’t miss this new moment of opportunity if you are someone who is now able to conducts these important services or sacraments again. But also if you are someone who only joins us in Church on days like these - have you ever wondered why we gather? If that’s you, as churches begin to meet again physically and in new ways online, why not join us?